auto loan financing for bad redit in san diegoAuto Loan Financing for Bad Credit!

Buying a used car if you have bad or poor credit doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Our managers have built an unparalleled reputation for quality and perfection, standing behind every used vehicle we sell to make sure the customer is always cared for.

Our dedicated Auto Loan Financing for Bad Credit Specialist will work with lenders to get you the auto loan you deserve.


moneyMinimum Income

Our lenders require that you can prove a minimum income of $800 per month for your vehicle loan. We can accept either recent pay stubs or bank statements.


We need to provide up to 10 references to our lenders.  Each reference should have a different phone number and address.

homeProof of Residency

The bank wants to know where you live.  We will accept a phone bill, utility bill, or bank account with your name and current address.

Questions about Auto Loan Financing for Bad Credit?

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